What do diversity, equity, and inclusion mean to these companies?

The modern-day job search requires every job seeker to know prospective employers and the skills he
or she can effectively offer. During the job hunt, you’ll market the most important product of all – your
Personal Brand.
1. What is your dream job? Registered Nurse in Mental Health 2. What field or industry are you hoping to enter? Healthcare / Hospital 3. If you could create your own position, what would it look like? You can also run searches on
job boards to find opportunities that interest you. As you browse the listings, copy the portions
of the job descriptions that appeal to you and paste them into a Word document. Include:
a) A list of responsibilities you would hold in this role
b) Which of your skills would you utilize to be successful. For some people, this may be a
blend of the jobs they’ve held in the past or a combination of their recent position and a
hobby they’re passionate about. I have experience as a medical office assistant, medical office clerk, working in a hospital. c) Describe the company where this job would be held:
• the corporate culture, the industry
• the size of the organization
• where it may be located.
The more specific you can get, the better.
4. Name three companies that are leaders in your industry Southlake Newmarket Hospital, Royal Victoria Hospital, Brampton Civic Hospital. a. Quote their mission, vision, business strategy, or principles
b. What do diversity, equity, and inclusion mean to these companies?
5. What are the most popular steps in their hiring processes?
6. Typical types of interviews for your industry: panel, group, Video & Remote, phone, lunch,
informal interviews
7. Reflect on how your values, lifestyle, core skills, and talents would align with the company you
described in 3c (150-250 words).
1. Answer the questions above to create an effective reminder of your Personal Brand.
2. Using a one-page (any size) Word document, create a digital wall poster that clearly presents
the information you gathered. (Use graphics where possible that show rather than tell. Search
“infographic poster” on Google for ideas. ).
3. Upload a completed and error-free copy of your poster to the assignment folder on
7 minutes ago
this is an infographic poster*** please