What do you think the result of delivering this news will be?

Imagine you are the manager of an office team, and you are given the authority to hire someone for a new position on your team. Because the position comes with added responsibilities and higher pay, two members of your current team are pursuing the position. Both are well-qualified candidates, but there is only one position. You make your decision and promote one of the candidates. Now, it is time for you to break the news to the other finalist. Respond to the following questions in your initial discussion post in prose format, not as question and answer:
How will you deliver the bad news to the candidate that was not chosen for the new position?
What could soften the bad news?
What do you think the result of delivering this news will be?
If you were the candidate, how would you take the news? Would it change any of your answers to the previous questions?
A Quality Response
Your response should include a minimum of three posts over three days:
Your initial response should address the questions in the Topic section. It should be substantial.
Your responses to at least two classmates should focus on creating in-depth connections with your classmates to gain a varied and new insight into the topic.