What information does this article give us about Americans’ views of equal civil rights for racial minorities during this period?

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At the very bottom, see the video tutorial on how to complete the assignment for extra help.

The Making History Local assignment is aimed at getting you to do a little bit of historical research on your own and to connect our course themes to the region in which we live (the West Coast). Here are the instructions:

Use a free digital database of historic newspaper articles to find one article from Oregon, California, or Washington Territory about the topic of the Fourteenth Amendment and its impact on Chinese immigrants’ rights from the period 1866 – 1875. Avoid choosing an article that is merely a summary of an event, especially if it is copied from an eastern newspaper. Focus instead on finding an article that gives AN OPINION on the matter of Chinese immigrants’ rights under the Fourteenth Amendment (For instance: Does the author oppose the Fourteenth Amendment and/or Chinese immigration? Does the author support Chinese immigrants gaining rights under the Fourteenth Amendment?)

Use one of the following databases to find your article:

Historic Oregon Newspapers
The California Digital Newspaper Collection
Washington Digital Newspapers

Search tips:
You can use search terms such as: Chinese immigrants, civil rights, or Fourteenth Amendment. You may, however, get better results by making your search terms more specific: Fourteenth Amendment Chinese; OR Chinese civil rights; OR Fourteenth Amendment Chinese immigration.
Narrow your search by limiting your results to the years 1866 to 1875. Make sure your article is from these years.
Look through several articles before choosing one. Your top hits may not be the best fit for this assignment. Make sure that your article expresses an opinion of some kind about Chinese immigrants and the Fourteenth Amendment.
Writing Your Post

Include the URL or a screenshot of your complete article in your discussion board post.
Include the name of the newspaper, the geographic location of the newspaper, and the date of the newspaper in which your article appears.
Finally, write a 500-word explanation and analysis of your article. Be sure to cover:
What is the article about? Discuss the main ideas, people, places, and events mentioned.
What is the author’s opinion about Chinese immigrants’ rights and the Fourteenth Amendment?
What information does this article give us about Americans’ views of equal civil rights for racial minorities during this period?
What did you learn about attitudes toward the Fourteenth Amendment on the West Coast by doing this exercise?
Put the word count at the bottom of your post. I recommend writing your post in MS Word, getting the word count from there, and then cutting and pasting into your discussion board post.

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