What theoretical model would be most helpful in looking at the Buckman family’s life?

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Parenthood (1989)
Content: The Buckman parents are part a Midwestern family dealing with the normal pressures of life: estranged relatives, raising children, pressures of the job, and trying to be a good parent and spouse. Their story is humorous and touching because it deals with so many of the issues we face in a family, and especially in the roles of parents.
Assignment: What theoretical model would be most helpful in looking at the Buckman family’s life? Which are the greatest pressures on the parents, and are they internal (coming from inside the family) or external (coming from the surrounding environment). How do they parent well, and where are they lacking in their parenting skills? Incorporate these questions and write a 5 paragraph essay relating this story to something you have experienced and the importance of your experience.
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Here is some info on writing a paper and plagiarism:
How to write a short essay:
To look at these steps another way, your essay should have five parts:
1. A good beginning
2. Three body paragraphs explaining your content
3. A good conclusion paragraph

A Good Beginning
This is where you tell the reader what you are going to write. A good beginning has certain requirements.
A good beginning is short. Two or three sentences is enough to tell your reader how you plan to approach the topic.
A good beginning is direct. In the case of a comparison, state both sides of the argument in your first sentence. In a short composition, you don’t have enough time for indirect approaches.
A good beginning is an outline. The second sentence usually outlines the organization. It gives the reader a general idea of your plan.

Body Paragraphs explaining content
This is where you write.
Good comments include several points. A short essay may have between two and five points.
Usually, the writer selects three. In the case of a comparison, three reasons is a standard argument.
Good comments are all related. All of the comments should relate to the general statement in the first sentence.
Good comments are logical. The points should be based on evidence. In the case of a comparison, the evidence should come from sources that can be cited, such as a television program that you have seen, an article that you have read in a magazine, a book that you have read, or a lecture that you have heard.
Good comments are not judgments. Opinions should be identified by phrases such as, “in my view,” “in my opinion,” or “it seems to me that.” Furthermore, opinions should be based on evidence.
Opinions that are not based on evidence are judgments. Judgments usually use words like “good” or “bad,” “right” or “wrong.” Judgments are not good comments.

A Good Ending
This is where you tell the reader what you wrote.
A good ending is a summary. The last sentence is similar to the first sentence. In a short essay, a good ending does not add new information. It does not introduce a new idea.
A good ending is not an apology. A good ending does not apologize for not having said enough, for not having had enough time, or for not using good English.
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