What type of evidence is presented in the case file?

Would like a writer with a knowledge of uk law and also how to write reports to CPS, I WILL FOWARD ALL THE EVIDENCE TO THE WRITE THAT YOU NEED FOR CASE

The purpose of the assessment is to engage you in the process of considering how to prove a case in court, the complexities involved, and how to assess the strength of forensic evidence in the context of a case file. This will give you the opportunity to gain skills useful in criminal justice and other employment by adopting a structured and analytical approach to assessing data and constructing reports.

Report Structure:
Write this report as if you were reporting back to the Crown Prosecution Service arguing that you have sufficient evidence to proceed
Evidence 1: what type of evidence is presented in the case file? Briefly describe the different types of evidence you have
Evidence 2: what is the expert evidence, how strong is it and what are its limitations?
Evidence 3: what witnesses apart from the experts have given statements, how good is their evidence?
Evidence 4: What other evidence do you have which you find compelling? For example passive data or interview data, house to house enquiries or fingertip searches
Reflection and Context 1: how is this type of offending currently viewed in society? Is it common, do we condemn it, why do we think it happens? Might this influence the way the jury respond to the case?
Conclusions: What are the chances of the prosecution succeeding or not based on your observations in this report? Are we likely to get a guilty verdict?
You must support everything you say with a reference to an academic source

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