Why do you think the people believe this legend or theory is true?

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Thoery: “The seven gates of hell”
Objective: Analyze sources and disprove the conspiracy using eveidence and embed and use quoations/ proper citation.
– Whats the thoery about ?
-what do you think about ?

Why do you think the people believe this legend or theory is true? What from the research into the origins leads you to believe that folks have fallen for this legend or theory? Why does it seem so persistent?

The most obvious reason is that many people have open minds or want to believe in the supernatural or deities with high powers. Whether that comes from their own imagination, which is a vast place, or whatever is depicted in our everyday life in tv shows, movies, or even books that are incredibly fascinating and thrilling. I believe its so persistent because of the sinister aspect of the gate. One of the articles, I read mentioned how Satanists flock to the area to try and host meetings. It also mentioned how they had the police called on them by residents. Besides this, I also feel like its just plain curiositywhat we know vs what we know.

-Why are you interested in this? have you heard this theory/legend before?
Im interested in this mainly due to the fact that how even though the facts are straight forward legend somehow continuously trumps reality.

What sources have you found so far that help you debunk and disprove this urban legend/conspiracy theory? Name at least one source, and tell me why your audience should listen to this person. Are they authoritative enough to convince someone who believes in this legend/conspiracy?
One of the sources Ive found that helps to debunk the urban legend of the Seven Gates of hell is written by Darmon Ritcher. I do believe they are authoritative enough. He doesnt off the bat shoot down the idea of the possibility of the gates but explains some of the histories of the legend to explain why it isnt true. He also includes evidence where he brings up the residential which Ive linked at the bottom where the people of the twin itself also confirm that it isnt true. Ritcher also speaks of the possible reason as to why people (tourists) keep trying to go there even though the area is listed as private property.

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