Write a study on the acceptance and trust that Singaporean employees have for their company’s use of AI.

Write a study on the acceptance and trust that Singaporean employees have for their company’s use of AI.

This dissertation aims to explore the perceptions of the use of AI from Singaporean employees’, and from these perceptions, do they thus firstly – Trust and Secondly – Thus Accept the use of Organisational AI Practices? As discussed, this will be a full-fledged quantitative dissertation which aims to investigate Employees’ Acceptance and Trust in Organisational AI practices in Singapore. While this is a work in progress, it is expected that we should bounce ideas back and forth with both feedback and discussion on a daily/weekly basis, whilst reviewing going through each chapters one by one till completion. As a guide (no need to follow), the dissertation should be broken down into these segments by word count: Introduction (700), Literature Review+Gap (4000), Methodology (2250), Results for Quantitative Data (2000), Analysis/Discussion (2000), Concluding Chapters (1000).

For your own reference for a clearer idea, I have attached a very DETAILED progress on what the dissertation entails and my progress on it thus far. An example on a sample dissertation has also been provided – But I trust that you have written loads of dissertations and have an even clearer idea on how to perfectly categorise and present all the data based on your experience and expertise. Please do the necessary in-depth readings for this topic and reach out to me as soon as you have an update. Looking forward to working with you to produce an EXCELLENT quality dissertation. The final piece should ideally look better than the example dissertation given.

This dissertation MUST be completed on time and whilst I am only able to give a VERY SHORT few days of flexibility, let’s aim to produce a perfect piece of work and I seek your kind understanding in your full-commitment towards this alongside mine. I will be available close to 24/7 daily should you have any questions regarding this – I am in this as much as you are and I expect an quality job done.

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