Write a study on the topic, “What are the Four Main Types of Discrimination?”

Words: 542
Pages: 2
Subject: Do My assignment

Write a study on the topic, “What are the Four Main Types of Discrimination?”Writing assignments must reflect your own words, ideas, thoughts, and arguments
developed through study, research, and review of provided materials. In sum,
please put what you have learned into your own words.
You must submit all papers through Turnitin, which will generate 1) a Similarity
score and 2) an Artificial Intelligence (AI) score for my review. I will reject any
paper with a Similarity or AI score at or above 30%. Any paper with a Similarity
or AI score of 50% or greater will initiate a formal University investigation and
result in the immediate failure of the course.
1. Each writing assignment must be no less than 1200 words.
2. Each writing assignment must be submitted in Word or another word-
processing program (no PDF) using Times New Roman, 12-point font.
3. You must use one-inch margins.
4. You must use double spacing. Please check all additional spacing options.
Ensure you have no “before” or “after” line or paragraph spacing. You may
use only one empty line between paragraphs.
5. Do not begin your papers with a header that contains your name, due date,
etc. I don’t need any of that information, as it will be given to me through
6. Do not begin your paper by restating the questions.
7. You must format your document to use “endnotes,” which will be
populated at the end of your document (rather than footnotes on each page).
Endnotes do not count toward the 1200-word requirement. You must
uncheck the “Include Footnotes and Endnotes” button under “Tools…Word
8. You must save and submit your papers using your last name and the
number of the module the assignment relates to. For example,
GebhartModule1.docx, GebhartModule2.docx, etc.
9. For some writing assignments, there will be a required number of sources
for citations. For each source, you must provide a “direct quote” from that
source that is no more than two highlighted sentences. This means you
must use quotation marks around the material cited and highlight the
material in red font. You may only cite each source once.
10. You must use the APA citation style, including the author’s name, year,
and page number(s). If I cannot trace your citations, your paper will be