Writing Assignments On: International Crime &: Inmate Behavior and Inmate Rights &: Juvenile Justice &: Inmate Code Discussion Shawshank Redemption

PART 1: International Crime
Analyze the difficulties in dealing with international crimes. How do collaborations between different types of international criminal organizations, such as drug cartels and terrorists, as well as sites on the Dark Web make it even more difficult for law enforcement and intelligence agencies to combat such crime? Do you think it will ever be possible to completely stop international criminal organizations? Why or why not?

PART 2: Inmate Behavior and Inmate Rights
It can be challenging for correctional officers and other prison staff to control inmate behavior and minimize security threats while simultaneously protecting the rights of inmates. Examine the difficulty in accomplishing these objectives by presenting two separate examples of situations in which inmates might perceive their rights have been violated, while prison staff are simply trying to fulfill their job duties to maintain a safe and secure environment. Identity the rights potentially being violated in each of the examples you share.

Note: The examples you choose should be based on actual real-life scenarios- please cite your news sources-or cases (you just need a link).

PART 3: Juvenile Justice
Explain some of the key differences between the processing of cases in the juvenile justice system and the criminal justice system. Do you think the approach of the juvenile justice system in focusing on helping and rehabilitating juveniles is effective or should there be a more punitive approach? Explain your reasoning.

PART 4: Inmate Code Discussion
Discuss the inmate code and how it might actually help keep the peace among inmates within a prison. How can the inmate code potentially reduce tensions among inmates and minimize the risk of confrontations between them? Give examples to demonstrate your point. The examples can be fictitious or based on real-life incidents.

PART 5: Shawshank Redemption
Please make sure to watch the entire film “The Shawshank Redemption” (use whatever streaming service you choose if you missed it in class) and write a paper in paragraph format identifying 5 (five) issues portrayed in the film that relate directly to the text and material we have covered in class. You should identify how the subject matter was portrayed in the film and then explain the issue as identified in the text.
There is no page limit- but each section should identify the sentencing/prison issue- be sure to include: institutionalization, parole, sexual assault and 2 of your choice.
The purpose of this assignment is to strengthen your issue spotting, critical thinking and expository writing skills.
I have uploaded these assignments as PDF files . Also chapters pages and PoerPoints of the textbook. But you will need to obtain the textbook, Along with the Rubrics! Thank you!
Introduction to Criminal Justice