Advisory Board Letter/Memo

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Subject: Premium Writing

I am in need of a letter/memo to my advisory board. The purpose is that offically thank them for being a part of the SPC team, inform them of quarterly meeting (dates TBD), and to update on SPC’s potential educational contract with the school distric (MCPS).

Note: The board is comprised of leaders in the fields of education, workforce development, job corps, and mental health.

Some details to include ——-
1. Thank you for being a part of the team to provide professional expertise
2. Intent to meet quarterly to give any updates and solicit support
3. SPC will soon be doing more work for MCPS with creating a New Virtual Academy (New Age Virtual Academy)
a. We will need advisory board support
b. Subcontracting opportunities available

Add whatever you think works. I am sure I will edit to make more personal. Thankssss a ton.. I am looking to hire a virtual assistant that can do these things for me.