Can an optimum point be reached between the preservation of a building for reuse and the conservation of the building’s social-cultural identity?

At the start i need a background to report. Its basically where the field of research is actually coming from? The hole area of social cultural, the importance of the built environment, where is that kinda concept coming from. times the UN and the European charters give a different sense of cultural identity basically to the nations state which reflects in its built environment and its architecture. It basically telling us where this idea of the understanding of the link between identity basically and the built environment feminating from and then the need to protect this why is that coming on. Obviously this is in more recent times that the UN and the EU are introducing these cultural charters which effect your sense of identity. Roughly these are just my throughts but yours could be better.

An introduction.

First Paragraph Set the context. The whole philosophy of it basically construction as a social cultural entity. Construction of the building as a social cultural there is a bit of philosophy in there. The role of the building as the reflection of a social cultural dimension or importance. Roughly somthing like that maybe im very flexable about whats wrote these are just some throughts.

then you could go into social cultural needs and then go into regulatory needs.

I want to test the effectiveness of the regulatory needs and the socio cultural needs.

I want to finsih with recommendations as to how they might work better together and conclusions from the reasurch.

sorry about my spelling.