Ethnography research proposal over Sports

A Subject Proposal, also referred to as a Topic Proposal, is an essay in which you will propose a topic you wish to write about for your professor and peers. A Topic/Subject Proposal is a common type of essay that is used in many different disciplines at the beginning of a research project. The main goal of a topic/subject proposal is to create a game plan for an essay. For this assignment, you will write an essay that develops your proposed ethnographic inquiry into a research project proposal. The goal of the Proposal is to explore possibilities and generate questions, reflecting on why you want to research this particular community, what you already know about it, what line of questioning you might pursue, what you hope to discover, and why it is important to for the rest of us to pay attention to what you hope to discover in your upcoming research.

You also want to convince your classmates and me (your teacher) that your ethnographic inquiry project:

• Is interesting,
• Is substantive and worth pursuing,
• Has complexity,
• Has a path for your primary research

As you know from our class discussions and syllabus, your ethnographic inquiry research must involve an online/virtual or in-person community that you have access to in some way during this semester. As with all inquiry research, we are not going to start with a hypothesis about what you think you will find. Instead we are going to start with an exploration of the assumptions you have (an understanding of where you are coming from) and the kinds of QUESTIONS you think you can explore about people, society, and culture in relation to your primary research in this community.