case study on injury and rehab

Students will choose an injury and do a case study following an athlete who suffers this chosen injury. The case study will consist of three parts:
i. On field care – identify the process to approach, assess and determine the athletes’ injury status and ability to play (or not) including emergency procedures (be specific: specify sport, position, willingness to move, support techniques required/used, etc.)
ii. Clinical assessment and initial treatment – present the process for thoroughly assessing (in the clinic) the injury to the patient and a thorough outline of the initial treatment of this patient for the first 2 weeks following their injury – (in SOAP note format). Research new and innovative treatment options that are evidence based and reliable for your injury. Provide references to support your treatment choices.
iii. Ongoing treatment and return to play – present the process for ongoing treatment (weeks 3-5) and return to play for this athlete. Research treatment options for your specific injury. Evidence-based practice is the most appropriate, so ensure you have good evidence to support your treatment choices. Explain why you think this is a good treatment plan for your athlete.