Creating a Cultural Map

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Subject: Premium Writing

Assignment Instructions:
Using the map (linked here for download)( ) Links to an external site.of Methodist’s University’s campus:, list the types of cultural spaces on campus (identify at least 10). Briefly explain the following about each
of the identified spaces:

What groups (race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age, class, nationality, etc.) are associated with each of these cultural space of this campus?
What meanings are attached to these spaces?
Next explain in paragraph format (~250 words): How is the campus segregated or integrated in terms of these groups? How might this translate into or reflect unequal access to resources, such as parking, housing, libraries, cafeterias, tutoring, etc. Can you see any signs of globalization on the map? Where do you position yourself in the map (how does your identity reflect how you navigate campus, your sense of belonging, and your access to resources?)

Information about me to help you with this assignment can be found here for the “positions yourself in the map part” of the assignment: