Hendra Virus Report

The report should be about the Hendra Virus.
The report is to be a literature-based review incorporating material from scientific articles and journal publications. Web-based sources may be included; however, these cannot occupy more than half of the total references. Topics about the Hendra Virus. The report should be five single-spaced pages in length and should contain at least thirty references to be listed at the end (references are not included in the page limit). Reference sources must be appropriately cited within the text. Two figures may also be included, but these cannot occupy more than 1/2-page total combined size.
The review should begin by describing the overall features of the virus and its associated pathogenesis (i.e., human disease, if any). Second, you should briefly discuss its epidemiology and mode of infection/transmission as well as the clinical features of associated disease in humans or animals. Finally, the review should discuss the molecular aspects of viral replication and gene expression (e.g., transcription, translation, and intracellular-trafficking of viral components) during the infection cycle.

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