Indonesia: A macroeconomic look at the economy from 2015 – 2022

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For the Indonesia, please address the following questions about the macroeconomic performance and macroeconomic policies of Indonesia.

A. Report and discuss your Indonesia’s macroeconomic performance solely during the years from 2015 to and including 2022. What is Indonesia’s GDP? What are their major industries? Imports / Exports? What is their inflation story?

B. Review the current World Economic Outlook published by the International Monetary Fund has forecasts for Indonesia for the current year and the next two years (that is, for 2023, 2024, and 2025). How strong or weak is the growth that the IMF forecasts for Indonesia?
Given the baseline from the IMF World Economic Outlook forecasts: What are the two most important risks that could have adverse effects on your country’s macroeconomic performance during the next two to three years? Explain why you have chosen each of these two risks, and how each of these risks would affect the country’s macroeconomic performance.

C. What is the current government’s macroeconomic policies and what specific changes in Indonesia’s government policies can improve the country’s macroeconomic performance during the next two to three years? Focus on changes in the provisions, settings, and/or implementation of the government’s macroeconomic policies that the country should put into effect now, or on such changes in the government’s macroeconomic policies that the country should be ready to put into effect in the near future (because there is a good probability that such changes will be needed in the near future).

D. Given the macroeconomic policies that Indonesia currently has in place: What are two different changes in the provisions, settings, or implementation of macroeconomic policies that you recommend to the country’s government? Be as specific as you can be about the policy changes you are recommending. Why do you recommend each of these two changes in government policy?

Three sources:
Please include the following three sources – and add others based on the work you produce.

1. Economist Intelligence Unit Country Reports and data services. EIU Indonesia April 2023 Country Report – Attached

2. World Bank, including World Development Indicators and World Economic Prospects. The general URL is, type in Indonesia in the search.

3. International Monetary Fund, including World Economic Outlook and its WEO Database, as well as International Financial Statistics.

There are many possible sources of information and data that can be used to complete this assignment. You may find information from various web sites (such as those for multilateral organizations, the central bank or national government of indonesia, and so forth). If you use a web site, be sure to consider whether or not the information from the site is reliable, and Cite appropriately in MLA format with a works cited page.