Broad topic: Obesity and female fertility. EXPLAIN A narrow topic selection is up to the writer

Assignment Question

Need to produce a long, detailed, PRIMARY DATA BASED report on a narrow topic (6500 word limit including bibliography). A broad topic is Obesity and female fertility. However, the report should be on a more narrow topic, focusing on how obesity badly affects female fertility. The narrow topic selection is up to the writer. Here are the titles of the other reports for better understanding of how narrow the topic should be : The importance of human chorionic gonadotrophin during early pregnancy. The response and adaptations of the body to endurance exercise at high altitude. Exenatide and DPP4 inhibitors in the management of type 2 diabetes. Benefits of Weight Training for the Elderly. The Pathophysiology of Asthma. Mechanisms Underlying the Development of Atherosclerosis.

Diabetic Retinopathy: Pathogenesis Mechanisms. The physiological limitations of free diving. Nitric oxide dependent endothelial function and thrombosis. Resistin: The Missing Link. How does the body acclimatize to a hot environment and what are the roles of sweat glands and exercise in this process. The Physiological Mechanisms Underlying Pre-eclampsia. Endothelial mechanisms for maintaining the blood brain barrier. Attached is the marking criteria, guidelines for writing a report, workshop on topic selection and report writing , and examples of the reports which achieved a grade A in the past. Important – word limit is 6500 incl the bibliography, the report must INCLUDE PRIMARY RESEARCH DATA SOURCES and a good discussion of them (please see attached ‘marking criteria’ & ‘library project workshop’). Please use the ‘examples’ attached below as a good reference, regarding the level of detail and primary data source discussion. All sources must be up to date ands shouldn’t be older than year 2000. Primary data research should be recent