Transnational Crimes and the Criminal Justice System

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Based upon what you have learned from our course resources, you will explore the global nature of crime and the challenges faced in fighting transnational crimes.
Choose. Choose two to three of the following transnational crimes:
Drug trafficking
Human trafficking
Arms trafficking
Fraud (i.e. Internet fraud, healthcare fraud, and counterfeit goods)
Organ trafficking
Trafficking of artifacts (art and historical items)
Wildlife trafficking
Explore. Explore your chosen crimes and discuss how they are considered transnational in nature.
Collaboration. Discuss the different ways collaboration occurs in fighting your transnational crimes. Look to different organizations and the ways they attempt to fight transnational crimes.
Challenges. Examine the criminal justice challenges faced in fighting your chosen transnational crimes and holding individuals accountable.
Policy. Discuss existing policy that has been implemented to fight transnational crime. Explore the weaknesses in the existing policy. Discuss policy recommendations that can assist in better fighting transnational crime and holding individuals accountable.

The body of your paper should be between 4-5 pages using APA style and include connections to your research with citations. Please use a minimum of 3 sources.